Westchester Parents Shocked By Heroin Discovery At Area Grammar School

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Local parents are concerned by the discovery of heroin at a Hudson Valley elementary school.
Local parents are concerned by the discovery of heroin at a Hudson Valley elementary school. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Westchester parents were disturbed by news of heroin reportedly being found last week in the faculty bathroom of a Hudson Valley elementary school, which added extra security Monday.

Benedict Bisordi of Mount Kisco has one child attending a Bedford Central elementary school and one going into kindergarten next year.

“I’m extremely concerned, especially because it's a grammar school,” he said. “They shouldn’t be exposed to that and if a teacher is, in fact, using heroin in and around school and the kids, they should be thrown in jail.”

Needles and empty bags were discovered for the second time since December in Benjamin Cosor Elementary School in the Town of Fallsburg, just over the Orange County border, News 12 Westchester reported.

There are seven teachers being investigated, all of whom have refused drug tests under the advice of the teacher’s union, according to a WABC-7 report. They all continue to teach because their contracts prevent them from being suspended.

A school board meeting last week drew 150 parents, many of whom spoke out against the teachers remaining in the classrooms.

“If they’re innocent you’d think they’d want to be tested,” Bisordi said. “This kind of stuff should be cleaned out immediately.”

The school district hired a private security firm, which began monitoring the school Monday, according to News12.

Sari Benson, a New Rochelle High School teacher, said the growing heroin problem in Westchester and the greater Hudson Valley area concerns her greatly as the mother of two elementary-age children.

“You just have to be aware and always ask questions,” said Benson, of Pound Ridge.

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Why shouldn't school staff of any kind be subject to drug testing ? School bus drivers have to be and we don't have them on the bus as long as the school has them. Something is wrong with that , what makes them exempt ?

They can't be suspended because their contracts prevent it ... yet if a student was caught with heroin, he or she would certainly be suspended, if not expelled. Unbelievable.