Sleepy Hollow High Honors Teachers In Inquiry-Based Learning Research

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SLEEPY HOLLOW, N.Y. -- Sleepy Hollow High School acknowledged two teachers, Jason Choi and Elena Pousada, who will present research on inquiry-based learning to the American Education Research Association, this spring in Philadelphia.

More than 12,000 proposals were submitted with Choi’s, “Moving Beyond Active Learning: Deepening Learning Through Reflective Lab Notebooks” and Pousada’s, “An Inquiry-Based Approach to he Imperative Mood in Spanish” being selected for presentation at a symposium entitled, “Tilting Towards Inquiry: Implications for Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development.”

Choi, Sleepy Hollow’s science department chair and chemistry teacher, notes that the research he has completed in partnership with Pace University’s Inquiry Project has helped shape his method of teaching.

“I must say my involvement in the program has transformed the way I view teaching and learning," said Choi.

"I cannot imagine teaching without it, and as a parent, inquiry is natural and organic."

Pousada, who teaches Spanish for native speakers of the language, has been actively involved in the Pace University inquiry project since 2010.

“I firmly believe in the value of students being the constructors of their own education, and immediately grabbed onto the student inquiry model as a means of incorporating this fundamental approach to children and their education into my public school classes," Pousada said.

"I envisioned a way in which, by using inquiry, I would be able to open a door and have students naturally pass through it, seeking their own adventures on the other side rather than having me as their tour guide in an unknown land.”

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