Irvington Schools Appoints Athletic Fields Project Committee

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The Irvington Schools are including 11 community members in the planning of athletic field renovations. Photo Credit: Daily Voice

IRVINGTON, N.Y. -- The Irvington Union Free School District has selected 11 members of the community to a Fields Project Committee, which will examine possible upgrades to a baseline of field needs.

The committee was formed from a pool of 23 individuals who responded to a call for volunteers that was made on January 24.

The Board of Education limited the size of the committee to a 11 members by selecting those it felt would represent a firm balance of relevant professional and civic experience.

“The spirit of volunteerism is certainly alive and well in Irvington, and we greatly appreciate the overwhelming response for participation,” said Board of Education President Robert Grados. “As we expected, it was very difficult to select the committee members because the qualifications of the respondents were so impressive.”

The Board has established a "baseline," or minimum set of needs for East Field and Harold Meszaros Field and the Peter Oley Track on the high school campus, that would restore these resources to their historic condition, which includes grass playing surfaces, along with necessary drainage improvements.

According to a report by the Board, the district is nowseeking direct community input on whether these fields should be enhanced through the installation of artificial playing surfaces and lights.

The committee will review the minimum needs established by the Board and provide a report about possible enhancements that include artificial surfaces and lights.

Committee members will meet three times over a several-week period with the district's architects and engineers, along with district staff. 

The committee will consider several issues that have been established by the administrative leadership of the district:

1. Restoring the playing surface at East Field. Is one natural grass option preferred over the other? Should an artificial turf be considered to better meet the needs of school programs and the community? Are there other considerations for East Field?

2. Restoring Meszaros Field to its historic grass playing surface. Should an artificial turf be considered to better meet the needs of school programs and the community? Are there other considerations for Meszaros Field?

3. Should the addition of lights be considered for any of our fields?

4. The established baseline suggests that Oley Track needs to be replaced. Should the replacement track mirror the existing or should we consider other improvements?

5. Are there other athletic facility improvements that should be considered?

Community members with questions and comments on this initiative are encouraged to attend public meetings or email their thoughts to or in writing to the Board of Education, Administration, and Fields Project Committee or Buildings and Grounds Committee as appropriate.

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