Tarrytown Short Ballots On Election Day

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Election inspectors at the Tarrytown Village Police Department received fewer voting ballots than possible voters. Photo Credit: Paul Bufano

TARRYTOWN N.Y. - Election inspectors at the Tarrytown Village Police Department scrambled throughout the morning in an effort to receive additional election ballots.

Voter turnout has been huge, and we only received 600 of the possible 700 ballots that could be used, said election inspector Mike Mingo.

"It's because so many people have been coming out that we're concerned about the number of ballots we have," Mingo said. "A little less serious, but we also weren't provided with any magnifying glasses. Some of the older folks have been borrowing reading glasses from each other because of it."

The Board of Elections also forgot to supply Tarrytown with the return of canvass sheets, said election inspector Todd Nelson.

"(It's) not necessarily(a problem) for us because the results will go in without any problem," he said. "The sheets basically match up serial numbers to ensure that everything goes together. It'll just be more work for them."

Michelle Peri was one of the many Tarrytown residents voting during their lunch break.

"I wouldn't have even known anything was wrong or missing if I didn't just overhear it," Peri said. "My mother was displaced from Long Beach during the storm last week, so I'm actually about to go and get her so that she can vote here. Every American deserves the right to vote no matter what the circumstances are. I'm happy we can do that here."

New York voters have until 9 p.m. to cast their ballots.

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