Tappan Zee Bridge Construction To Begin Early This Year

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New York state will begin construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge in 2013.
New York state will begin construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge in 2013. Photo Credit: Meredith Shamburger

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – Big changes are coming to Tarrytown this year.

Construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge is expected to begin in early 2013, according to a timeline provided by the New York State Thruway Authority. The new bridge, costing $3.1 billion, will take about five years to complete.

The Thruway Authority's contract with Tappan Zee Constructors will be formally reviewed by the state comptroller and the attorney general. Thruway officials have not released a formal financial plan, but say they are applying for a federal transportation loan, selling bonds and examining toll prices.

The new bridge will include two spans with eight lanes of traffic, breakdown shoulders and emergency lanes. The north span will include a pedestrian and bicycle lane. Officials say the new bridge will also have suicide prevention measures, such as anti-climb fencing and security cameras.

Express bus service will be in use during rush hour when the bridge opens. There will be no other mass-transit component in place, although officials say the bridge will be “transit ready.” A separate task force will examine potential mass-transit systems throughout 2013.

State officials have said most construction activity will take place on barges, although a staging area is planned for the state police barracks site in Tarrytown just north of the bridge. The contractors plan to use the “Left Coast Lifter,” one of the world's largest floating cranes, to help build the bridge.

Crews will dredge about 951,000 cubic yards of soil from the river. Pile driving will take place, but state officials say it will not occur close to the Tarrytown side of the river because it will not be needed.

Officials say they'll work to minimize construction impacts on Tarrytown, including setting up a 24-hour monitoring system for noise and air quality. Officials plan to limit dust and emissions from the construction area.

Most construction equipment will be delivered by barges, and any delivery trucks will exit from the Thruway to the staging area, staying off Tarrytown streets.

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Comments (6)

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It’s now February in the year of 2013. Was the construction for this bridge already started? May I ask who were the bridge builders and engineers of this project? Kindly post an update for this.

"Officials announced that contractors would conduct test borings and establish staging areas in March, with the first test pilings being done in June. Dredging is scheduled to start in August, on a schedule to minimize effects on sturgeon in a plan approved by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation."