Greenburgh Town Supervisor Candidate Feiner Is 'Always On Call'

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Paul Feiner is running unopposed for his 12th term as Greenburgh Town Supervisor.
Paul Feiner is running unopposed for his 12th term as Greenburgh Town Supervisor. Photo Credit: Daily Voice

GREENBURGH, N.Y. - The Rivertowns, Tarrytown and Greenburgh Daily Voice will run candidate profiles for those running in local elections on Nov. 5 over the next two weeks.

Incumbent Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner is running unopposed on the Democratic and Working Family parties. We asked the candidate about his approach to the job and expectations for his next term.

How do you balance family, your profession and your office?
Although I spend lots of time working (day, night, weekends), my wife, daughter and I usually go out on weekend evenings. This past Friday, for example, my wife and I went to see Arturo Sandoval, a well-known Jazz musician at the Tarrytown Music Hall. On Saturday evening we saw "The Butler," a good movie. Next weekend we have tickets to the ballet in NYC.  And, during the year usually take a few short vacations. I try helping my daughter with her homework but gave up on math after second grade. And, have always been her personal driver."

I'm always on call. In 2012 we went to Israel to visit my niece who was studying at Technion in Haifa. I had my Blackberry with me and was answering emails daily. I make it a point to always answer every email from everyone before I go to sleep. If I'm out I will make it a point to respond to emails when I get home.

I love the job of being Town Supervisor. I enjoy going to community events, and like talking with constituents. When I'm at the supermarket or farmer's market people always go up to me with problems. I don't consider that work.

I love bicycling. Sometimes if I have a meeting or event on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday, I'll take my bicycle to the event. It's an opportunity to exercise, enjoy the weather and attend a community gathering at the same time.

For relaxation, I also like to exercise (run 6 miles a day). In the summer I like to swim. When I'm stressed, I punch the water while doing laps.

What are your main goals for the next term?
* Continue to look for ways to reduce costs through improved efficiencies or identify opportunities to increase revenue generating activities.

* Oversee transition to one-arm bandit garbage truck that will pick up garbage with an automatic hand. This will reduce crews needed from three workers to one (via attrition, not layoffs), with a significant reduction in workers' compensation claims and labor costs and significantly increase both the number of pick ups per truck and the size of each load..

* Oversee installation of new LED lights resulting in significant reduced electric consumption.

* Oversee installation of new residential water meters permitting electronic recording of consumer water usage, more accurate consumer consumption and a reduction in the number of town water meter readers.

* Oversee implementation of the first town reassessment in over 60 years-which will reduce certioraris.

* Sale of Frank's Nursery.

* Lease of WESTHELP for affordable housing. 

* Rezone Dobbs Ferry Road to allow for recreation usages.

What would you ask of residents to do help you as a leader?
I hope that residents will be involved and provide me with the benefit of their input on issues of concern.If people don't contact me with concerns or problems, I assume everything is just fine.

We have a lot of citizen committees and welcome participation from people who have different views and political philosophies. I hope that my critics will give me a chance to prove to them, by action  that I want to be a better Supervisor.

What are the best things about your job?
I love helping people. I get a great deal of satisfaction when someone complains about something and the problem is resolved. My job club has helped over 100 people find work. I've helped people avoid homelessness, cut through government red tape. I helped residents of the QUAY (near the Tappan Zee Bridge) get the attention they needed from high ranking state officials--reducing the negative impact of the bridge construction. Making a difference in people's lives makes the job very worthwhile and enjoyable.

I also love seeing the results, spending years pushing for a park and then cutting the ribbon when the park opens is rewarding. Advocating for a supermarket and then seeing it built is satisfying. Fighting for affordable housing or a health center and then speaking at the dedication ceremonies makes the job exciting. I have never been bored, jaded or disgusted with the job.

What is the toughest thing about being in office?
Attending Town Board meetings and being insulted. I wish there could be more give and take between my critics and me -- more of a good dialogue. It should be less negative.

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Feiner Cuts to Theodore D. Young Senior Citizen Program

To quote Vice President Joe Biden,” Show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you really support”. The following are Feiner Cuts;
1-When Marie Roberts retired as the Senior Citizen Outreach Worker after 30 years of dedicated service, you abolished her full time position.
2- When Gertrude Gilliam retired as Gerontologist Specialist, you abolished her position.
3- When Dolores Williams passed away, you abolished her full time position in the senior citizen program.
4- Back in 1998 you promised the Community Center Senior Citizen Advisory Committee a cost of living raise for the activities budget line 409.1 equal to management’s cost of living raises. It never happened. In 2009 despite increased attendance and membership, you cut the activities budget by $5,000. and in 2010 by an additional $1,000. That is over a 25% decrease to a budget line that had not been increased as promised, in over 15 years.
Your cutbacks are unprecedented in the history of Greenburgh. In researching precious administrations, no other Town Supervisor has ever bought the axe down so hard and so many times on senior citizen programs and services. In this regard, you stand alone and unmatched.
The increasing number of Greenburgh seniors deserve much more.

George Coniglio
Retired Senior Citizen Program Director
Town of Greenburgh 1988-2013

Who said love-ins were only a fixture of the 1960's? Here we have the Daily Voice providing the longest article they have yet published and it is for a candidate running unopposed -- an "unknown" candidate with 22 years+ in office.

October is generally the month in which baseball conducts a competition to find the best of two leagues. Not one softball pitched in all the games. Here Mr. Lopriore, a sports reporter, pitches ONLY softballs to Feiner.

Readers may feel that despite their ownership of a season ticket, they have missed several of the important games despite Feiner's rendition of his "goals" for next year. Not a word spoken yet about the 2014 budget in which department heads scheduled to appear before the Town Board at the Work Sessions somehow always get postponed despite the requirement to publish the draft of the Budget on October 30, 14 days away.

Yes Mr. Feiner has a goal to sell the Frank's property in 2014. A goal that should have been a priority for 2011, 2012, and 2013 but wasn't.

Yes Mr. Feiner has a goal to lease the former WestHELP property in 2014. A goal that could have started in 2008 when he knew that there would not be a renewal of the Lease providing the Town with $1,200,000 annually. A goal that would have secured a tenant earlier had he started earlier; even $500,000 in 2012 and $500,000 in 2013 that, with Feiner in charge, didn't happen while the current unsigned Lease may bring in $250,000 in 2014 -- if it gets signed by the tenant this year.

The installation of LED lights, water meters and the purchase of ONE garbage truck were all things that have occurred elsewhere years ago but Feiner has failed to take advantage of low interest rates and his treasured bond rating which has the potential to score the lowest of the low rates and thus the inefficiencies that he crows over could have been in place for years.

Is Feiner promoting the first reassessment in over 60 years as his "goal" when he has had 22 years to say 'in over 40 years" or "in over 50 years".

But one item that doesn't qualify as a goal is facing up to the music that he conducted. Feiner somehow fails to mention that with the election behind him, the settlement of the twice lost Fortress Bible lawsuit will no longer be delayed. A settlement that will cost taxpayers upward of $6,000,000 in uninsured tax dollars because of Feiner's mismanagement and worse.

Apparently these "revelations" didn't make the Daily Voice's list of questions about the Supervisor's "approach to the job". The truth somehow paints a different picture.

Hal Samis

The local republican party does not run a candidate in order to keep Mr Feiner from running for something else