County Executive Astorino To Discuss Cuomo On FOX News' Hannity Show

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County executive Rob Astorino will take on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's remarks against conservatives on the Sean Hannity show tonight, Jan. 24 at 10 p.m.
County executive Rob Astorino will take on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's remarks against conservatives on the Sean Hannity show tonight, Jan. 24 at 10 p.m. Photo Credit: File photos

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. -- Westchester's own county executive Rob Astorino will be making a national TV appearance Friday at 10 p.m. on FOX News' Sean Hannity Show.

Astorino will be discussing New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent controversial remarks against conservative New Yorkers.

Though he has not yet announced plans for a gubernatorial run, Astorino has been increasingly vocal against Cuomo this month, slamming him and his remarks as recently as yesterday in his speech to the Westchester County Association.

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Comments (4)

Westchester News?!?!? Which Westchester is this poster from? What a bunch of BS. Everyone should be offend by the trendy and common use of calling someone a "Hilter" when they don't agree with their policies. Hitler killed millions. Cuomo hasn't even been arrested. Also offensive is the use of the word "Gumba".Does this poster also have a problem with Italians? Any decent American will be offend by your anti Iliatain comments. Lastly Trump is a joke. He made a fool of himself trying to prove our President wasn't a citizen. Wake up Westchester. Trump is a frontman for coporate interests and the 1%. He would be the new Benidict Arnold of the modern era. What many just don't get is that walking suits like Romney have contempt for most hard working Americans trying to make a living. Ahh the side efforts of Freedom of Speech. Ok West, you can use more racism, prejudice, and hate in your response.

Donald Trump would be the best candidate for Governor of New York because he will create jobs for New Yorkers who need jobs because hundreds of New Yorkers are losing their unemployment checks everyday. We need a Governor who will put us to work, we need jobs. That is the platform for this Governors race 2014! Full-time Jobs that pay our bills and get this failing economy up and running again. Donald Trump is the businessman to get that job done.

Rob Astorino is not qualified to be the Westchester County Executive, never-mind being the Governor of New York! The GOP is desperate for a candidate to be the fall guy in the race, against Andrew Cuomo, and Astorino fits the bill. The Republicans refused to sign the bill to extend unemployment, meanwhile, there are no jobs. Working Class New Yorkers will be signing up for public assistance soon with the illegal immigrants. Republicans better sign the bill to extend unemployment checks for all Americans. We need jobs, jobs, jobs, good paying jobs to pay our bills. Rent, Con Edison, Car Insurance, Car Payments, Gas, Food, Medical bills, Medicine bills, Vet bills, Dog Food, Cable bills, etc. This is the reality of New Yorkers lives and it's God Damn sad!

LET'S NOT FORGET THE INCOME TAXES WE PAY!!!! Why? I'll tell you why, so we could pay these greedy politicians high salaries that are over the top! They all got their hands in the cookie jar. Politicians are disgraceful!

Andrew Cuomo, is a sadist and control freak, he rushed to sign a bill for gun control because he wanted the spotlight! No matter what or how you try to cut his agenda with a knife, he still comes out as an opportunist for his own personal agenda MONEY CASH O LA.

ANDREW CUOMO rushed to sign the GUN control bill, to keep children from getting killed in schools by the mentally ill gun men, but yet he legalizes the slaughter of innocent babies, hum, well, that's like saying a twisted statement like this, he saved all the cats and dogs at the shelter from the gas chamber, but, he threw all the cats and dogs down a sinkhole and left them to die.

Andrew Cuomo, is a mad man, no different, no better than Adolf Hitler. If you want him in office than keep him in office, I don't want someone like "Adolf Hitler" governing my constitutional laws and changing them because an organization greased his palm with some cash.

When Andrew Cuomo pushes the law to kill innocent babies, that tells me all I have to know about this mad man.

Why don't we make laws like keep your damn legs closed, and put on a damn condom for a one night stand! If you want to have sex, then do it responsibly by having protected sexual intercourse.

It's simple, you don't want children, than, don't have sex, but, killing and slaughtering innocent babies because you can’t control your urge is absolutely not acceptable and abortion should not be an option in the State of New York.

Sexually active woman should have their tubes tied until they want children, and sexually active men should have their balls nipped if they don’t want children, and wear a condom if they do want children eventually. That should take care of about 99% of the abortions “Slaughtering Innocent babies” being done in New York State. Andrew Cuomo should pass this law:

"Tubes Tied and Balls Nipped Law"

"Keep your legs closed and your pants zippered Law"

"Pull Your Pants Up Law"

Stop Killing Your Children Law!

Pass those Laws Mr. HUD aka. Governor Dictator Andrew Cuomo aka. Governor Mario Cuomo's son! You should resign.

I think both of these politicians, Rob Astorino and Andrew Cuomo, neither of them are good enough for the citizens of New York.

Rob Astorino tries to present himself like a respectful caring citizen and neighbor to the taxpayers of Westchester County, meanwhile, the minute he got into office he hired his friends with $6 figure salaries to do his job, the job he's not qualified to do, he's a radio DJ for the Catholic Church turned Westchester County Executive. His father Robert A. Astorino, at age 53, he was a cop for 30 years until the FBI caught him in the act of robbing thousands of dollars from a drug raid with his two other fellow dirty corrupt cops from the Mount Vernon, New York Police Department in1994.

Andrew Cuomo is a duck, quack, quack, quack, blah, blah, blah, He's a very angry man, but most dictators are very angry men, Adolf Hitler was an angry man too.

* Andrew Cuomo is connected, and it's not to AT&T:

Andrew Cuomo, gosh, the man is as corrupt as the day is long. He's connected to the "Mother And Father Italian Association. His father Mario had his first fundraiser when he ran for NY Governor, his first stop was to his Goumba’s in the Bronx, New York. The source said, she was the hostess at the fundraiser for Mario Cuomo, during his first run for governor. That is why Mario couldn’t run for “President,” and a very good reason why his son shouldn’t run for “President” either.

Andrew Cuomo went from nothing being a failure with HUD and found to be corrupt and destructive, and he became the $2 Million dollar man to the $28 Million dollar purse, he sold his soul to the devil, anyone can buy this guy at the right price. Andrew Cuomo, is a walking duck, quack, quack, quack.

Did you hear News 12 Westchester, Janine Rose, report that the Siena poll, says Andrew Cuomo is above Donald Trump in the polls, lol, don't believe that rhetoric it's simply not true, Siena Polls are deceptive and misleading.

Andrew Cuomo has a lot of explaining to do, like, where did he get all those millions since he's living in the governor's mansion? He also lives in Bedford, New York with all the rest of the rich white people, it's where all the rich white children go to all white schools, so don't believe Andrew Cuomo when he say’s he loves black people, the truth is, he doesn't. He loves them but he don’t want to live with them or near them. He just loves making black people think he loves them, so everybody thinks that the black's are voting for him, but they don't vote for him, they don’t even like him. Blacks know what Andrew Cuomo is, he's a phony politician.

Don't forget, the immigrants clean his toilets, so don't believe he loves all these immigrants he's inviting into New York! Cuomo and his rich neighbors bus the immigrants in from Mexico, for one reason, they need "ranch hands" (cheap labor) to sleep with the "Race Horses" and the pigs in the smelly barns, as they attend to the manure. He loves Gay's because they pay him to love them! That's why Andrew Cuomo says he loves everyone, he gets paid to say it. He loves a woman’s right to slaughter their babies. I could go on and on with all his reasons, quack, quack, quack, he walks like a duck, he quacks like a duck, he is a sitting duck. It's only a matter of time, before we see, those expensive suits he wears everyday turned into prison stripes.

Oh by the way, this is our New York, Andrew Cuomo, not yours Goumba!!!

When Cuomo's reign is over, he will fall hard because he's as corrupt as the day is long, he's an evil corrupt "Dictator" and he's been bought by Moneywood, Wormwood, and Hollywood, the most dysfunction society in the United States of America.

Andrew Cuomo thinks he's the King of China, and just to think, that his girlfriend makes an Italian sauce using Campbells Tomato Soup and lasagna using cottage cheese, how disgusting is that?

Donald Trump should run for Governor of New York, he's qualified to get the job done, and he's qualified to fire the people who don't get the job done. His wife is a beautiful Italian woman, and she would make a beautiful first lady of New York! And, I bet she makes a homemade lasagna with a jarred sauce and fresh ricotta and grated cheese. This is what New Yorkers need, a governor with a track record who has rebuilt New York City and Westchester County and he's created jobs because he is a businessman with a vision because he is a success. The next Governor of New York will be a man with a vision, and that man is Donald Trump.