Police Make Arrest In East Irvington Neighbor iPad Theft

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Photo Credit: Daily Voice

IRVINGTON, N.Y. -- Greenburgh Police arrested a 33-year-old East Irvington man Thursday for the theft of an iPad 2 from a neighbor.

According to the report, police responded to 50 Mulligan Lane in the East Irvington section to investigate a report of stolen iPad 2. A tenant had returned home at approximately 7:30 p.m. and discovered the iPad missing from his apartment. The victim Pinged his iPad at which time he could hear its ringtone in the adjacent apartment.

Patrol officers knocked on the apartment door and interviewed the tenant Andre Joffe, who admitted to entering the apartment and stealing the iPad. Joffe was placed under arrest and charged with burglary in the Second Degree, a Class C Felony, Sgt. Robert Whiting reported.

The iPad was allegedly sold by Joffe to an individual in the City of White Plains and subsequently recovered by Greenburgh detectives.

Joffe was held awaiting arraignment in the Greenburgh Town Court.


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Comments (3)

OK... This story is really weird. First, East Irvington? Irvington is so small that if you partitioned it to a compass, you would have a well partitioned 2 mile sectioning. That would be about 1/2 mile per section and I beg to ask, is the east section the ghetto? Stupid!

Next, the man who stole the iPad appeared to be in possession of it when the cops nabbed him because they heard the ring tone upon tracking it next door to where it was stolen. However, he sold it to someone in White Plains? Where are we getting our reporters from? This is a poor laid out story that needs to be elaborated upon. Sorry. If this guy was on trial and I was a juror, I would aquit him on this report alone.

Don't blame the reporter for the name of the neighborhood. If you look on a map, there is a section called "East Irvington" It's the section near Sunnyside towards Taxter.

Maybe, maybe he sold to someone in White plains and he didn't deliver it yet, or the one he sold it to, was there to pick it up. You might find this hard to believe, but at trial, they do not usually use news articles as evidence.

I love how people read these, and other online news stories for the sole purpose of criticizing the reporter. The article was to inform that an ipad was stolen, and recovered. What difference does it make if he sold it to a guy in WP, and it was found in the next apartment. If I lived in EAST Irvington, I would want to know that my neighbor is breaking into apartments, I don't care who he sells it too.

Lighten up.

BTW, incase you are wondering, no I don't work for this company,nor am I a reporter. Just tired of reading comments attacking reporters. How 'bout we focus and the guy that broke the law.

Now that's what I call "neighborhood watch".