Police: Cabbie On Cell Phone Injures Tarrytown Woman

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A Tarrytown woman reported her left shoulder was injured during a taxi ride. Photo Credit: Meredith Shamburger

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – A distracted taxi driver on a cell phone injured his passenger when he lost control of his car, police said.

A Tarrytown woman reported she was riding in a National Taxi cab Dec. 5 when the driver, while talking on a cell phone, lost control and then swerved back. The woman said she was thrown across the back seat, where her left shoulder hit the passenger door.

The woman went to Phelps Memorial Hospital for “significant pain” in her shoulder after the accident.

Police also reported the following items:

  • A police officer noticed a candle was left burning in an office on Main Street on Dec. 6.
  • A father reported his Sleepy Hollow Middle School student's phone was stolen at school Dec. 6. The phone's GPS system indicated it was in the area of Main Street and Windle Park Drive, but police were unable to pin-point the exact location.
  • A loose dog was spotted near the intersection of North Broadway and Wildey Street on Dec. 6.
  • A Birch Way resident called police after an alarm began sounding inside her home Dec. 6. The woman told police she did not have an alarm system in her house and was unsure where the sound was coming from. The alarm reset before police arrived.
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