Obama To Visit Tappan Zee Bridge To Highlight Push For Infrastructure Funds

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Photo Credit: Official White House Photo/Pete Souza

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- President Barack Obama will use the backdrop of the Tappan Zee Bridge and the New NY Bridge construction in Tarrytown to press Congress to provide funding for road and bridge repairs nationwide during a planned visit Wednesday, May 14.

Obama will spend next week highlighting the issue of funding infrastructure projects, according to multiple reports. The Federal Highway Trust Fund is expected run dry by late August and aid to states will be delayed and workers will be laid off construction sites nationwide without the action of Congress.

Obama is scheduled to speak in front of the Tappan Zee Bridge, where he will highlight steps the administration has taken to cut red tape, modernize the federal permitting process and reduce the timelines for approving projects, according to a statement issued by the White House.

The Obama administration sent Congress a four-year, $302 billion transportation plan in April with a plan to fund $150 billion into transportation programs beyond the money raised through fuel taxes.


  • 30

Comments (30)

It always amazes me about all these sheep (Obama supporters) who believe all the BS from the wolf (Obama himself). When Obama does the right thing and orders the conviction and imprisonment of, and the confiscation of the wealth of, the Wall Street bankers who brought down the economy and continue to do so, then I may have an ounce of respect for him. But he's actually owned by those bankers, so he'll never do the right thing for the working people.

What a disaster -- this is one scary puppet -- "michelle and I love us some Modern Family."

When he's not playing golf, attending fund raisers or on vacation, Obama likes to fly around the country looking for props to read speeches in front of.
The T-Z Bridge is one such prop. He wants to borrow and spend another $300 billion without ONE word about where the money will come from or how, or when, it will ever be repaid. If he proposed taking it from the budgets of the worthless Dept. of Education or the Dept. of Energy or the Dept. of Agriculture, he would have my attention. But he won't, and that's just another reason why he's a disgrace.

oopsy. here goes those pesky facts again. Obama has taken a total of 96 vacation days. compared to....wait for it....Bush's 349....any questions?

Obama has been on vacation since January 20, 2009.

that's funny. you must be living in an alternate universe

....................why not raise the money to rebuild the TZB from those who will use it ?

simply from toll receipts ONLY ! = period

why should anyone else subsidize the cost of rebuilding a bridge except those who use it ?

and where ARE all the funds previously collected from the toll receipts over the last FIFTY YEARs ?

why is it even necessary to have to borrow ?

All I hear is, we need MOAR TAXES. Go away Obummer

isn't the TZB an example of the kind of poor fiscal management that we are buried under the results of today - originally the TZB architects said the bridge would last fifty-years with the proper routine maintenance during that period - well at first that worked but thereafter due to mismanagement and improper budget allocations and bad leadership decisions the bridge slowly deteriorated and now today SIXTY -YEARS have passed and ALL the toll collection receipts are gone, the bridge is falling down and there is no funding ready in reserve for either maintenance or re-building - IT ALL HAS TO BE BORROWED

With all that is going on in the central part of the U.S. ,with people having their homes destroyed by tornados and fires our head jackass is going to the Tappan Zee Bridge. These are the people that need help now! Why isn't
he making a trip there? Time to vote all the bums out . Anyone that doesn't see him showing up at the bridge as anything more than a smoke screen should wake up.

He will come during rush hour precisely because it will call attention and inconvenience residents. Need for infrastructure updates????????? THIS THIEF ALREADY TOOK BILLIONS for his so-called Shovel Ready projects. He used that money to pay off cronies and sits on the rest. Now he will DEMAND more. We are being fleeced and bankrupted by one of the most corrupt administrations ...anywhere....ever.....Wake UP....

I hope The President makes a stop in Port Chester and persuades the BOT to stop making bad decisions for the taxpayers and the village has a whole.

I hope for everyone that congress passes every dollar of that transportation plan...

This country needs a balanced budget amendment. Then government clowns are forced to prioritize what to spend $ on instead of running around advocating spending on everything.

Really? No one wants to comment on our aging infrastructure and how we need to put some serious money into repairing our roads and bridges? Everyone enjoyed driving around in march with potholes bigger than your cars? No smart people on this thing?

.............the bigger question is one of accountability - what happened to all the TOLL COLLECTION RECEIPTs over the last fifty years and WHY wasn't some of it set aside to properly provide the funding necessary when the time came to replace the bridge to have it available ?

this is exactly why one-trillion dollars in STUDENT DEBT now burdens many many graduates who will not pay down their student loans until well into their forties or fifties and could have SAVED from day ONE until they were eighteen in a college fund so the money would be available when PREDICTABLY NEEDED !

in fancy finance parlance it's call mishedging in plain english it pure shortsightedness


If he really wanted to help, he would have gotten involved during his first year in office. This problem didn't happen overnight . Just another freak show. Smart people see this.

If he really wanted to help, he would have gotten involved during his first year in office. This problem didn't happen overnight . Just another freak show. Smart people see this.

Doesn't this clown ever stay home? Go away Obama we don't want you here.

yes we do. thank President Obama for coming to westchester and having a look at the country in progress. This bridge was long needed and long overlooked. I guess if it were mitt Romney. you would all be praising his arrival and thanking him for coming to westchester. wait , no, if it were Mitt Romney, This bridge would have never even been on his radar

This clown Obama is so desperate to take any positive credit for anything, it's sad.

By the way President Genius, how'd those "shovel ready" jobs turn out from the billions of federal dollars spent in the so-called "stimulus"? Remember "recovery summer" everyone?

What's that you say, Barry?…How many jobs from all that money?

How 'bout "zero"? "nada"? "zip"? How bout' a gigantic Nuthin' burger, served up by the White House with American tax dollars.

And with his polling numbers in the toilet from ObamaCare (and about to get a lot worse when the true story of Benghazi is revealed) his next stop will be showing up somewhere to take credit for the green grass on golf courses.

Well, at least then he'd finally have some expertise to share with the rest of us.

this vaudeville show must end.

Maybe he will meet the Clinton's for tea? WHAT A JOKE

Maybe a construction barge will break loose and ram into wherever they're standing.

hopefully, since she will be the next president and all. seems only fitting

Go home Marxist, you are not required here. ...

let's just hope he has the brains NOT to do this during rush hour!

Please. Stay home.

Yes you should.