Northern Westchester Hospital Defends Nurses in Kennedy Incident

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Northern Westchester Hospital is defending actions taken by nurses against Douglas Kennedy.
Northern Westchester Hospital is defending actions taken by nurses against Douglas Kennedy.

MT. KISCO, N.Y. – Officials at Northern Westchester Hospital Center Monday defended nurses who confronted Douglas Kennedy when he attempted to take his newborn son out of the hospital, but declined to give further details on the incident.

Kennedy, a broadcaster for the Fox News Channel and son of the late Robert Kennedy, allegedly got into an altercation with hospital nurses earlier this year and was charged with child endangerment after fighting with nurses when he tried taking the child outside to get some fresh air, according to reports by WNBC New York and the New York Daily News.

Northern Westchester Hospital Spokesperson Mark Vincent released the following statement to Main Street Connect Monday morning:

“On January 7th, 2012 an incident occurred involving a patient’s family member and NWH staff members.  At Northern Westchester Hospital, patient safety is our priority and we completely support the actions of our nursing staff in this case as they were clearly acting out of concern for the safety of a newborn baby. Out of respect to all parties involved, we are not elaborating on the details of this incident or providing any additional comments”

Kennedy and his wife released a comment late last week saying nurses assaulted him while he was holding his child.

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Comments (5)

Our son was in the NICU with both of these nurses and we had the chance to get to know them a little. I am certain they had the best intentions for this child. What Mr. Kennedy did is shameful.

I hope he feels the full weight of the law! Nurses do not to be kicked.

The Family should make a very Large donation to The Hospital in honor of the Nurses and be greatful to Almighty God They have a wonderful gift from "GOD" a child .

Kiss & Makeup before the Lawyers start the wheels of the MONEY TRAIN

THE KENNEDY FAMILY SHOWED THEIR BAD SIDE AGAIN ! NO MANNERS AND NO RESPECT FOR LAW & ORDER,let alone WOMEN. THE Nurses did their job and should be given the highest rewards. If they ever need this hospital again I would suggest they go somewhere else for treatment.

Just stop and think... If Mr. Kennedy was successful in taking his child out, what would he brought back with him that would have affected the rest of the babies in the nursery? Mr. Kennedy, what you attempted to do was WRONG and how you handled it was wrong.

The nurses did the right thing. The nurses job was to protect their patient.....the baby.