More Rough Weather Headed To Westchester This Summer

  • Comments (6) has forecast another active tropical storm and hurrican season for residents of the East Coast. Photo Credit: Fred Converse, File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Hang on to your hat and other belongings. released a report Wednesday that residents and homeowners on the Atlantic Coast should anticipate another active season in 2013.

There were 19 tropical storms, 10 hurricanes and one major hurricane last year. forecast 16 tropical storms, eight hurricanes, four major hurricanes and three landfalls for 2013.

Superstorm Sandy last October paralyzed much of the East Coast. According to the report, the 2013 this season may begin quickly this year with development in the Caribbean in June.

The weather service is predicting strong storms this year with a strength of category 2 or higher, and areas along the East Coast to the Gulf of Mexico are at risk for impacts from a tropical system. This year could also set the stage for stronger storms than those that occurred in 2012.

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Comments (6)


Every home should have a generator .. Just saying ...


Welp. Time to cut down all the trees around my house.


You must be joking. That won't help. Let's all cut down all of our trees and then what will we breathe?


How much can you do to get ready? Really. Have 1000s of men waiting on the off chance the storm will be devastating.


I hope the word gets out to Con Edison so they are a bit more prepared than they were last time.



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