Friends Search For Former Westchester Man Missing In Mexico

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Photo Credit: Help Find Harry
Photo Credit: Help Find Harry

PELHAM, N.Y. - Friends of former Pelham resident Harry Devert have set up a Facebook page to help find the world traveler who is missing in Mexico.

Help Find Harry is devoted to spreading word about Devert, 32, who went missing while on a motorcycle trip in Mexico.

He was last heard from Jan. 25 at 3:18 p.m. through a message to his girlfriend on WhatsApp.

"Just got an hour and a half long escort out of some area it was too dangerous for me to be. Stopping for lunch and ... voila Internet. ... Gonna get back on the road soon. Apparently there's another military escort waiting for me in some other town... I'm running way late because of the crazy military stuff...hopefully get a chance to talk to you tonight when I (hopefully) finally arrive," he wrote. 

Devert was on his way from J M's Butterfly B & B in Macheros and was believed to be heading to Zihuatanejo, where he planned to visit the beach where the reunion scene took place at the end of the Shawshank Redemption.

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I pray this man is found and all is well.

My daughter lives in Houston. It is a widely accepted belief in this city so close to the Mexican border that Americans are at risk crossing over.