Elmsford Animal Shelter Closed Down Due To Structural Problems

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Pets Alive posted photos of the structural damage at hits shelter in Greenburgh.
Pets Alive posted photos of the structural damage at hits shelter in Greenburgh. Photo Credit: Pets Alive/Facebook

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- The Elmsford Fire Department issued a statement Friday saying that the Greenburgh Building Department has condemned the Pets Alive Animal Shelter, formerly the Elmsford Animal Shelter, because of "major structural problems."

The building (located at South Warehouse Lane) was closed down and Con Edison will be shutting off the gas and electric to this building, fire officials said. 

(Some) animals are being relocated to a Middletown shelter. 

Pets Alive Westchester, which took over the Elmsford Animal Shelter and its work, reported earlier in the day that the shelter building is not structurally sound and will be closed.

Pets Alive Executive Director Ein Guilshan said there are 100 dogs, 80 cats and five rabbits under care that must be adopted immediately. 

"Our main concern right now is that the animals receive the best possible care while we handle this urgent issue," Guilshan said in a statement.

From Pets Alive Westchester's Facebook page:
"This is a very difficult thing to say to all of you, but our building may potentially be in serious jeopardy. It has been determined that Pets Alive Westchester is structurally not sound and needs to evacuate as soon as possible. There is no way around these horrible words."

The Facebook page also said Pets Alive planned to shelter the animals in trailers but urged those who would like to adopt that fees would be waived and fostering was also an alternative.

Before Pets Alive took over, the Elmsford shelter housed more than 500 dogs, many of whom were cramped five to an enclosure. The other side of the shelter houses dogs rescued from High-Kill animal shelters in the south or as far as Puerto Rico.

Those interested in donating to Pets Alive may do so via a donate link at Paypal. Note that donations will be handled by Pets Alive Middletown.

For more information, log on to the Pets Alive Adopt-aPet website or contact Pets Alive Westchester at adoptions@petsalivewest.org.

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Update from Pets Alive: Update from Pets Alive Westchester...

Pets Alive Westchester
UPDATE: We are completely out of the building. It has been locked up and condemned. At this time we are asking volunteers to stop coming to the Elmsford building; there is nothing more to do here. Thank you all for your help and support. We will be posting more about how you can help soon as we reorganize.

I heard that some of the animals are at Pets Alive in Middletown, some dogs are at Northwind kennels in Bedford, some animals are at Mid Hudson Animal Aid in Beacon and some animals may have been taken to Pibbles and Kits in the Bronx. You can also check Petfinder.com to look into canimals that were from Elmsford. You can also try adoptions@petsalivewest.org The electric is off at the shelter and the shelter has no animals there anymore. People are working there moving things out.

Here is the latest update from a very grateful bunch at Pets Alive, with info on the animals (who are all safely relocated)and their status. Please keep checking their facebook page for more updates. I do not think there is power at the shelter. so communication is very limited.

They are urging people to just go down there rather than emailing. They are inundated and don't have the means to answer emails or follow-up with phone calls.

The statement that all animals are being relocated to Middletown is NOT TRUE. They will take whatever animals they can. But ALL of the animals need to be removed this weekend. Adoption fees are being waived and fosters are welcome. Their phone will not be working, but they can be reached by e-mail at adoptions@petsalivewest.org. I just left PetsAlive and every major network, as well as the local ones were there to cover the story. Hopefully these animals will all be safe within the next couple of days.

Will correct jp ....thanks