Photos: Greenburgh Honors Veterans With 5th Annual Barbecue

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GREENBURGH, N.Y. - Military veterans from World War II through Vietnam and the Iraqi conflict stood side by side Thursday as the Town of Greenburgh honored their service with its fifth Annual Veterans Barbecue at Anthony F. Veteran Park.

Photo Album Honoring America's Heroes In Greenburgh

"This kind of event is always nice because we get together with vets we may not see often," said U.S. Navy and Vietnam War veteran Salvatore Manastra. "We have a saying, 'when you meet a Vietnam Vet, welcome him home'. We may not have received that welcome back then, so being here is a good thing."

The event, which has been a big draw over the last five years according to Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, drew more than 300 vets, family members, friends and even political rivals.

"It's a honor to be here and to be able to honor our veterans for five years now," Feiner said. "We can''t thank them enough."

Raymond D'Alessandro, who served in the Army Air Corps and Marines in WWII and Korea, has worked with the New York State Council of Veterans Organizations for many years.

"There are very strong supports for veterans today," D'Alessandro said. "We try to be sure our veterans are helped and given all the opportunities we can. This event is a great day for us."

Town Clerk Judith Beville and the Town of Greenburgh Veteran's Advisory Board organized the event and volunteers from the Town of Greenburgh and its CERT team cooked and served the veterans.

Several sponsors provided the food and donations for the event. They included The Cabin Restaurant (White Plains), Carmine's Italian Deli (Elmsford), Cerbone of Naples (White Plains), Dunkin' Donuts (White Plains), El Dorado Finer (Tarrytown), Harry's of Hartsdale, Leftiri's Gyros (Tarrytown), Pete's Saloon (Elmsford), ShopRite of Scarsdale and Wedged-In Deli (White Plains).

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Ah but what you're not disclosing Danny, is how many Vets were there. The "300" estimate is the total body count (politicians, families, friends, event volunteers) nor are the Vets on balance Greenburgh residents -- but that's not what is so troubling.

Since you were present, this reader hopes, wouldn't the true nature of this feel good feeding be revealed to readers if there were a significant number of Veterans present?

I'm not denying that Veterans should be honored and I'm absolutely certain that the result of staging these shows does make actual Veterans and their families and friends feel appreciated but, just for curiosity sake, perhaps someone will see fit to portray this from a different perspective.

Imagine I'm Bud Collier and we're watching "What's My Line". "Folks, we're running out of time. I want to thank our panel members who participated today in fooling the audience. Now will the real Veteran on the panel please stand up and identify himself?"

(the panel)
Paul Feiner, Alan Hochberg, Francis Sheehan, Kevin Morgan, Ken Jones

Don't take this as sexist but readers already know that Diana Juettner and especially Judith Beville are WACky.

Perhaps the Daily Voice (or its many readers) will see fit to break the suspense and print the answer.