New Tarrytown Shop Wants To Inspire Customers

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Somers resident Enzo Simone is opening Believe Juice and Books on Main Street in Tarrytown.
Somers resident Enzo Simone is opening Believe Juice and Books on Main Street in Tarrytown. Photo Credit: Meredith Shamburger

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – A new Tarrytown bookstore and juice bar has one goal: to inspire its customers to create and reach whatever goals they've set for themselves.

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Believe Juice and Books will soon open on Main Street in Tarrytown.

“This is a place to begin or to begin over, to lose yourself and to find yourself all over again,” owner Enzo Simone said.

Simone, an Amawalk resident, is an avid mountain climber who started the “10 Mountains, 10 Years” challenge to help raise money for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Simone, along with an international group of climbers, has set out to climb mountains in six different continents, although Simone notes the challenge's timeline has been affected by economic downturns. Their journey was featured in a 2010 documentary narrated by Anne Hathaway.

Simone's new bookstore and juice bar is intended to help people inspire their minds and fuel their bodies. A wide variety of non-fiction, how-to and memoir books are available in subjects like nutrition, yoga, recovery, religion, travel and adventure. In addition to books, Simone also plans to help people find professional training and equipment for their goals.

“What I want to do with the books is in any way possible, if there's a book that someone can get, I want them to know they can get professional help or learn how to do this thing somewhere locally,” he said.

Juices and smoothies will be available in addition to books, with Simone creating special drinks from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.    

Passers-by have been waiting for the opening for several months. Simone planned to open last summer, but was delayed for a number of reasons.

Simone is waiting for approval from the Westchester County Department of Health before he can open his shop, but estimates he'll have the doors open in a week or two. Simone plans to have a soft opening for the first few weeks and then a grand opening later.

Simone plans to create several community groups and has already installed a “goal wall” in his shop to highlight residents who have completed their goals, such as writing a book or meeting a fitness challenge.

“I really want people to be inspired and then inspire other people in return and really keep that cycle going,” he said.

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Comments (2)

Hello. What a fantastic alignment of ideals! Bravo! Trying to contact you or learn when the store opens in order to learn more about your shop and endeavors. I am a teacher (and a few of my collegues and I ) are hoping to inspire our students by telling them about you and perhaps invite you to speak to them. Best of luck!

Good Luck, Enzo! I can't wait for opening day!