Bastardi Jr. Says HBO Documentary Was a "Farce"

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From left, Michael Bastardi Sr., Michael Bastardi Jr. and Guy Bastardi.
From left, Michael Bastardi Sr., Michael Bastardi Jr. and Guy Bastardi. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Bastardi Jr.
Michael Bastardi Sr. was one of the eight people killed in the wrong-way crash on the Taconic.
Michael Bastardi Sr. was one of the eight people killed in the wrong-way crash on the Taconic. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Bastardi Jr.
Guy Bastardi is seen here in June of 2009.
Guy Bastardi is seen here in June of 2009. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Bastardi Jr.
The Bastardi family at Michael Sr.'s 80th birthday party.
The Bastardi family at Michael Sr.'s 80th birthday party. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Bastardi Jr.

Two years after Diane Schuler killed herself and seven others after driving the wrong way down the Taconic State Parkway, HBO aired a documentary about the crash. Michael Bastardi Jr., whose father and brother were killed in the accident, wanted no part of the film.

"The documentary was a complete farce," he said. "They had approached me several times, HBO, if I wanted to be on there and I refused."

Bastardi, of Yonkers, said he didn’t want to be interviewed for the documentary because it was orchestrated by Schuler's husband, Daniel, and his attorney Dominic Barbara.

"I felt like this would be a one-sided story that would try to prop up Diane Schuler as a person who was so perfect," Bastardi said. "It turns out I was right."

Daniel Schuler insists his wife was not drunk or high at the time of accident, regardless of the toxicology reports. Bastardi said he does not care to debate the facts of the report with Schuler.

"I just want to try and get every possible answer I can on why this woman killed my family," Bastardi said.

Bastardi said he's still waiting to get into court for his two pending lawsuits in response to the accident.  One lawsuit is against Warren Hance, the owner of the vehicle Diane Schuler was driving, and the second is against Diane Schuler's estate.  Hance is Diane Schuler’s brother and the father of her three nieces, who were also killed in the crash.

His attorneys recommended he seek a civil lawsuit because it would get further and potentially answer more questions about the crash.

"We felt there was a lot more to this story that hadn't come out," Bastardi said. "I want the answers to a lot of questions that weren't answered. I want to get to the bottom of everyone that was involved in this case."

Everything has been filed for his lawsuits due to deadlines, according to Bastardi who said the case should now start moving more quickly.

Sen. Charles Fuschillo, a state legislator from Long Island, is pushing for a bill that would make it a felony to drive the wrong-way on a highway either knowingly or while intoxicated. Bastardi, whose family has a book about the tragedy, said he has been following the bill closely and hopes it will be passed.

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Yes Sen Fuschillo, that bill will solve everything. After it's a felony, as opposed to a misdemeanor, people will be much less likely to drive down a freeway in the wrong direction. I have a great idea, let's make it a felony to crash planes into building "knowingly or intoxicated", I am sure that would have given those hijackers a moment of pause. Don't waste everyones time and money, solve real problems in your district instead of taking up issues that might get you votes, you idiot.

This documentary was NOT a farce. It was outstanding, in every way. I went into it with no preconceived notions and came out of it absolutely convinced that Diane Schuler was guilty of driving drunk and stoned, and that her family is totally delusional. Maybe if you had participated and given the other victim's side of the story, instead of being so sure it was a one-sided story to prop up Diane Schuler, you might be closer to getting some answers as to why she killed your family.

What confused me about the documentary was that members of her family and also her friends, who insist they knew her well enough to know she would never ever ever drink and drive, didn't seem to know her at all (except of course that she was a wonderful mother and wife). What I got from the piece was that none of them, especially the husband, really knew her at all and even talk about what a private person she was. Then there's the sister-in-law, who at the end, lights up a cigarette and then mentions that no one knows she smokes. Did Diane know you smoke? If you don't even want people to know you smoke, why wouldn't she keep her drinking a secret??? And for that husband to say that he never wanted kids, Diane wanted the kids?!?!? Won't it be nice when his son sees that someday? You couldn't keep that to yourself?

So I just finished watching the documentary. It's so sad that the Schulers refuse to put this to rest and admit that Diane is to be blamed here!!! There is no other way. Whether she was drunk on purpose or high because she had a "toothache", doesn't change the fact that she was DRUNK! Even after Tom confirmed that the second DNA test showed that is was her...she was drunk and high! The Bastardis will never rest because the Schulers are too selfish to let them Eight people died here...because Diane was drunk! Now it doesn't mean she was a bad person....she just made a deadly decision. Stop trying to put her on a pedastal....the Schulers need to put themselves in the other family's shoes......sad part, they lost family too and they're still trying to protect a dead woman.