Mandy Patinkin Headlines Tarrytown Stage With One-Man Show

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TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – Mandy Patinkin is finding time between seasons of "Homeland" to headline the Tarrytown stage Saturday night in his cabaret-style one-man show "Dress Casual."

He was recently interviewed by Newsday to discuss his upcoming performance at the Tarrytown Music Hall that includes "his unique interpretations of showtunes and popular standards by musical masters" with piano accompaniment, the report said.  

"Every show we do is different," Patinkin told Newsday. "It's the show tunes show, and it's called 'Dress Casual,' ... It's a mixture of everything, so, a lot of (Stephen) Sondheim and Yip Harburg and Randy Newman and Tom Waits."

Patinkin, known most recently for his role as Saul Berenson in Showtime’s "Homeland" and remembered fondly by many as Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride," told Newsday that he loves his career because of the nature of the ever-changing business.

"What I've loved about my job is every play, every movie, every TV show, every recording, every concert you know is going to be over before you even show up to start," he said in the interview. "All in all, they're very short, so the addiction is always knowing there's a change coming: a change of material, a change of experience, a chance of meeting new people."

His show at the Tarrytown Music Hall, 13 Main St., will begin at 8 p.m. Saturday. For ticket information, check the hall's website. Tickets are $48, $58, $68, $85 and $95. 

The full interview can be read online here.

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