Tarrytown's Double Tree Hosts Festival For Accordionists Association

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TARRYTOWN, N.Y. -- Tarrytown is gearing up to welcome hundreds of accordionists and accordion aficionados converging from all over the world to attend the 2014 Festival of the American Accordionists’ Association (AAA) on Wednesday, July 9.

The festival will be held at the Double Tree by Hilton, 455 S. Broadway, Tarrytown.

The visitors will transform Tarrytown into the “Accordion Capital of the World” while demonstrating their passion for the musical instrument. 

“Our event attracts accordionists and accordion music lovers from across the country and overseas
because the instrument is significant to so many cultures and music styles,” says AAA President Linda
Soley Reed. 

The 2014 Festival will spotlight a kaleidoscope of noted accordionists performing in the full spectrum of musical idioms ranging from jazz to pop to polkas to rock to folk to world music and more.

“The many colorful accordion events will include concerts, workshops, master classes and an array of competitions for all playing levels and in many music styles, for youngsters and adults. Winners will receive honors, cash awards and scholarships,” says Mary Tokarski, contest chairman and festival

Workshops will focus on a diverse subject matter including Chinese music, Balkan styles, jazz improvisation (for beginners as well as advanced), French musette, as well as some more intricate discussions on scales and ancient modes found in some of today’s original works.

The AAA’s Youth Involvement Jazz Program brings high school jazz musicians in ensemble with their
young accordion counterparts – many of whom were never exposed to the accordion’s versatility. They
will meet for the first time on Friday morning, July 11, rehearse for a couple of hours and perform on Saturday afternoon, July 12, at the Awards Concert which begins at 1:30 p.m. and is open to the public. 

Festival registration begins at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 9, with exhibits opening at 5 p.m., followed by an evening “Press and Squeeze” party for the media to sample some of the lavish musical talent assembled by the American Accordionists’ Association.

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