Memorial Set For Cats Killed in Yonkers

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A memorial service will be held for the cats beaten to death in Yonkers that were discovered in late April.
A memorial service will be held for the cats beaten to death in Yonkers that were discovered in late April. Photo Credit: Contributed

YONKERS, N.Y. -- A memorial service for the cats found beaten to death late last month in Yonkers has been organized by local advocate Kristin A. Crage in the C.H. Martin Department Store parking lot at John and James Street on Saturday, May 10, at 10:30 a.m.

At least 25 cats were killed, many of whom were placed in plastic bags and hung from a tree. As the investigation continues, compassionate citizens will have the opportunity to pay their respects and mourn the deaths of the felines.

Alley Cat Allies, a national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of cats, will provide white flowers for attendees to carry at the memorial. The nonprofit will also provide a sharegraphic to post on social media — with the symbolic white flower — so supporters from across the country can participate virtually. The image is available on its website.

A large floral wreath with the text “In Memory of the Cats” will be placed at the site where the cats’ bodies were found. Ordained minister Dina Lenore Cirigliano will give the eulogy.

“Humans do not own this earth,” Crage said in a statement. “We share it with animals, and it's our responsibility to protect, watch over and respect them. All they want is our kindness.”

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The people who killed those cats; or more likely, just cleaned up a bunch of road-kill cats caused by people who practice TNR (Trap, Neuter, Re-abandon) and then staged the "murder weapons"; were very likely to have attended the memorial. People who do those things always love to be in the middle of it all. Cat-people always use their cats like little animal-sacrifices just to manipulate everyone around them, it's all they have in their lives. The more dead cats that these people can find (or cause to happen) to parade in the media to exploit for donations for themselves the wealthier they all become -- millionaires even. Don't believe me?

Here's the very first link that any of these people should have checked out.

They don't even meet the criteria to qualify for being a reputable charity organization under "Better Business Bureau" standards. While Becky and all her close friends are laughing all the way to the bank to the tune of $5M in assets with a $6M income. (Their 2013 financial report now puts their income at over $7.2M last year.)

They all flew to Hawaii not long ago for another "cat-conference" because, for some unknown reason, they had to be there to discuss these issues. (I wonder how many cats could have been saved from freezing to the pavement this last winter from the price of all their flights and lodging and luxurious food, drink, and entertainment in Hawaii? But these TNR group-leaders were so warm and having so much fun!)

For another good laugh check out how much Becky and her friend pay themselves with everyone else's money.

They have now been launching some damage-control with their new "Future Five" program to prove to everyone their true and trustworthy intentions. Awarding a princely $5,000 grant to some deserving group. $5,000 is only 0.1% of their assets, 0.08% of their yearly income. They might as well just sh** in the face of every last fool that ever donated to them.

Support yet another organization that exploits and perpetuates the suffering of animals for their own personal financial gain, then try to sleep well at night.

This is even more "rich". I recently discovered that anyone who posts a request for financial help on Alley-Cat-All-Lies Facebook pages is then referred to this page of theirs:

Not ONE link on that page refers to getting actual financial help from Alley-Cat-All-Lies themselves. And even more rich, their very first resource that they send people to, to feed their feral cats, is a national food-bank organization where people donate food to feed needy humans. They are taking the food out of the mouths of needy human infants to feed their diseased vermin cats.

I don't think I've seen a sadder and more sorry and despicable case of "charity" in my whole life before this.

What's even more telling, is that Alley Cat All Lies used this very pile of dead cats in Yonkers to exploit for many dozens of $thousands in donations, yet only donated $750 of the money to the cause. They refuse to tell anyone where all those $thousands in donations went to. Just ask ASPCA who confronted them about this and then their posts were deleted by Alley Cat All Lies' on their facebook pages. We all watched it happen.