Tarrytown's Trotte Publishes First Novel

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Tarrytown author Patrick Trotti's first book, "The Day The Cloud Stood Still", is published by Pteron Press.
Tarrytown author Patrick Trotti's first book, "The Day The Cloud Stood Still", is published by Pteron Press. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
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TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – Patrick Trotti never planned to be a novelist, but after several years of writing stories and honing his skills, his first novel, "The Day The Cloud Stood Still", has been published.

The 28-year-old Tarrytown resident, who was educated in Irvington schools, announced the release of his novella this month and talked about his writing process and motivation while sipping coffee at one of his writing stations, Coffee Labs Roasters, in downtown Tarrytown.

"Being a writer was the furthest thing from my mind growing up," said Trotti, who is currently a freelance content writer as well as a part time editor for several online literary journals. "The seeds of (the book) were planted a few summers ago when I studied out at the University of Iowa."

"The Day The Cloud Stood Still" is a coming-of-age story about a young man whose life is influenced by a major blizzard while his own inner storms are raging. Trotti details Wilson Hart's "in-between' phase" as he works through family dysfunction while nature roars.

Trotti said he read writer Jack Kerouac's work and was inspired to begin writing at about 20. The young writer said he made two other efforts at his first novel and was close to self publishing when Ever Books, an imprint of Pteron Press accepted his manuscript.

"I did a lot of my writing here (Coffee Labs) and the library where I found it relaxed and just the right amount of quiet noise," Trotti said. "I really enjoy the re-writing, editing and making the work better. I finally got to the point where I read it and I liked it. I'm excited that it's been published."

Trotti said he has signed an agreement to write a story collection and prefers fiction to non-fiction. He writes several ideas at the same time and looks for ideas to click.

"I'm enjoying the interaction with readers, doing book signings and developing new ideas as a writer," Trotti said. "A young cousin has asked me about writing and that brought me back to my start, wanting to learn about how to write good stories."

"The Day The Cloud Stood Still" can be purchased on Lulu Marketplace books.

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It's now on Amazon.

Not a book review, but thanks for the detail halmarc-

from Wikipedia
"Lulu (Lulu Enterprises, Inc. and Lulu Press, Inc. are collectively called "Lulu") is a company offering self-publishing, printing, and distribution services with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since their founding in 2002, Lulu has published over 1.1 million titles by authors in over 200 countries and territories, and adds 20,000 new items per month to their catalog.[1] In addition to printing and publishing services it also offers online order fulfillment. The company's CEO is Red Hat co-founder Bob Young.[2]

Authors retain the copyright to materials printed/published by Lulu.

Optional services offered by the company include ISBN assignment, and distribution of books to retailer outlets that requesting specific titles (Lulu does not accept returns, which limits distribution to physical bookstores). Electronic distribution is also available.

Lulu Enterprises was founded in early 2002. OpenMind Publishing, founded by Bradley Schultz and Paul Elliot, merged its publishing company and staff with Lulu in the latter part of 2002. OpenMind Publishing was a publisher of customized texts for college professors."

Imagine adding 20,000 new titles a month to an existing catalogue. Perhaps I should send them my collected comments made on these pages.

With that in mind, readers should ask the questions which Mr. LoPriore never does . Only through Lulu, an online store, can readers purchase this novel/novella (in paperback only) and do so without the guidance of book reviews by independent reviewers. Amazon does not carry this imprint, Pteron Press (based in the publishing world's ground zero…Finland) and it is not because of Amazon's current dispute with biggie Hachette. So I'm not shedding crocodile tears for the likes of John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, Stephen King or the estate of Jack Kerouac being confronted by the arrival of this newest competitor for book buyer dollars. On the other hand, perhaps the new writer on the block is thisclose? to Mr. Lopriore and is merely illustrating his fictional skills depicting the travails of newly acquired fame (Mr. Trotti, the car is here) "I'm enjoying the interaction with readers, doing book signings and developing new ideas as a writer". Yes, fame and fortune are beckoning but perhaps this oeuvre is misfiled under fiction when its back story really places it in "science fiction" set in the world of tomorrow when readers are transported to book signings held at online stores.

I look forward to Mr. Lopriore's "book review" when he has actually read the book. Here's suggested opening lines: "When Wilson Hart finally woke up he found himself on the way to the moon. That's when he first remembered he had forgotten to pack his toothbrush".

Less promotion, kind words, "possible" weather forecasts and more hard news would be a loftier goal for the Daily Voice.