Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, Irvington Cablevision Subscribers Pay Highest Mon

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Customers of Cablevision, based in Bethpage, N.Y., are paying the highest monthly bill in the country on average.
Customers of Cablevision, based in Bethpage, N.Y., are paying the highest monthly bill in the country on average. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County residents who have Cablevision as their provider are paying the highest monthly bill in the country on average, according to the International Business Times. 

Cablevision's average bill is $152.75 per month, more than $20 more per month than Verizon FiOS ($122.57), IBT reported. 

Cable rates went up an average of 4 percent in the last year, but Cablevision, headquartered in Long Island under controversial CEO James Dolan, outpaced the pack yet again, bumping rates 5.5 percent, more than twice the rate of inflation, IBT said. 

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Comments (11)

Want the cable providers to get the message? Put up an HDTV, then cancel your subscription. Stream what you can't get for free over the air by using the internet.

If you are a sports fan, support your local school sports and minor league teams by getting out the house and going to the games.

I haven't paid a cable bill in 15 years. I estimate this has saved me at least $16,000 dollars.

Corporations are controlling America. They are the one who controlling even the Justice Department in this country.At times of election these corporations pour money to the Judges who are influential in the society. That is why ordinary citizens, who are the majority, won't get justice in this country.These corporations are still exploiting the general public. Cablevision is one of them. It is time to question their authority. Wake up America.

Cablevision is nothing more then a crook, ripping off the people left and right.

Get DirecTV!

Verizon user but commercials on every show are driving me to switch channels. Like new Fios 1 for local news. Costs go up all the time. We pay for shareholder profits. Gas was $3.59 on Hamilton Ave yesterday in White Plains. Go figure?.

This is the main problem with Verizon! They purport to have a "triple play pkg" BUT they don't yet have that video technology! AND Cablevision knows this! Da------- Ed ID you do and da-------Ed if you don't.

They don't even give us vaseline.

In North Salem, we may have a choice between FiOS and Cablevision, but even those of us who choose FiOS Triple Play cannot get the TV part o the package and must use DirecTV as our television provider instead. If you ask Verizon why, they say it is a town issue and if you ask the town they say it is a Verizon issue. I think I'll rent "Catch-22" on Netflix this weekend.

Cablevision is the only option for many residents in and around Harrison. Verizon FIOS was just added to Harrison resident's options. Maybe the competition will motivate the to reduce their fees....and maybe not! Rye has Time Warner and FIOS available, Port Chester Has FIOS but in limited areas, and Cablevision.

Politicians eliminated free tv which was paid for by commercials. Cable never used to have commercials when it originally became available. Sounds like someone got paid off.

They're thieves. I don't know how they get away with it!